Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes I know this is not the album cover didn't want that pic!! Ok this one has been a long time coming but I finally got around to it. Beyonce has finally released a third album (yes I know I am late but who cares) and it is awesome. She rose to fame as the leader of Destiny Child and when they all went solo she took over the music world. She is known for putting out hits every two years and she didn't let anyone down with her latest installment. There are two sides to the c.d and they are totally opposite. One c.d. is said to be more personal and let you more into her life. The Sasha Fierce side is said to be more for the fans. I really would like to hear a more R&B sound for her like the first album but she still rocked this one. The best part about this album is there are no celebrity appearances!! I know she had all her biggest hits with Jay-Z and some others but she proved she can stand on her own. She is going on tour for the album and will hit the states in June. Make sure you check it out because NOBODY is putting on a show like this chick. She singing,dancing and flying! Yes I said flying! So go buy the c.d and go see the show both will have you speechless!! As always I will put up two songs so you can hear something by her if you haven't!!

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