Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spread the Word

Spread the word about this blog. Trying to get as many followers as possible. I will be updating this blog weekly probably daily. I am excited about this new journey I am on with my music. I want more people to learn my name and know my writing skills because one day I am gonna be big so you can say I knew her when she was just blogging.

The End of the Earth

I am running to the end of the earth without you.
I lost your love somewhere in the milky way
Tried to find it but I decided to keep running
Tired of looking back trying to move forward but you
pull me back everytime. Tired of holding back so no more
loving you I will just run to the end of the earth without you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Solange Knowles Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams

Ok ok so when you hear the name Knowles who do you think of? Beyonce of course but now when you hear the name you need to think about the new superstar of the family SOLANGE is in the building! This album has been out for a few months but it is still a dope album. It so refreshing and different from what is out now. Her performances are so good. She is the total opposite of her sister but she can hold your attention just as well as Beyonce. She has been writing for DC and Beyonce for years so I was thrilled to hear she was not only putting out an album but writing all her songs for it. She was inspired by the oldies but goodies for this album and you can definitely hear it in her songs. I think you will like her writing style. She talks about normal things like love, cheating men but its sooooooooooooo artistically done it will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!! She is like the female version of Kanye!! Yep I said it!! Meaning her mind and writing style is like no other.
As always one of my faves from the album will be on the blog for a few days so you can check it out. Go to her myspace page or to I would love to hear some accapella from her I feel she could pull it off. Go pick it up or buy it off I-Tunes. Don't sleep on her because she is doing her thang with these songs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You can submit people for me to spotlight on the blog for music. I am always listening to new music and trying to find whats hot right now. My next spotlight will be on Solange even though her joint been out awhile it's still dope!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Rain

So this is a snippet of a poem/song I have been working on and tell me what you think just from the snippet!!

Your love is like the rain it evaporates before I can feel it.
You leave my heart in pain. Never has the sun shined on us and made these clouds fade away.
The thunderstorms go in and out while our love just dwindles out. The lightening sends shocks through our love to awaken the hapiness we feel but the thunder awakens the pain you give.

I never want to put too much of my poems on here because I dont want to find it on some other One day you all will here my poems/songs and hopefully you like them!!lol Tell me what you think of just that part.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artist Spotlight:Christina Milian

First spotlight on the blog ever!!!YAY!! Okay so many of you may remember Miss Milian from Disney but she is all grown up now!! She has a new c.d. coming out called Elope which I got a feeling is going to be her best yet. She is signed with Myspace Records. She is working with the Dream which we know he is known for making hits. (Ella Ella AYAYAY) lol. Her first single Us Against The World is doing good. It's a hot song very fresh and different from what we been hearing lately from all the females out there. Check her out on or She puts updates on what she is doing weekly sometimes daily. You can keep up with the release date which hasn't been told yet. I am really excited to see how this goes for her and to see the response from the public!!!

Her myspace url is:
Link to the song:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My name is Je'Tara and I am a college student. I love writing songs and poems so I created this blog to be able to post some of my writings. I will never put up an entire poem/song but I will put up snippets. I plan to start selling my songs so this is the perfect place to have people find out about me.I created this also because Myspace and Facebook are too complicated and when you write something on there it gets ignored because so much is going on. Everyone is putting out their music on there so I had to do something different. So this is my space. I will post vids of my music and me singing. Never know who is checking for new talent!! I will also put a little entertainment, music (of course) and news on here from time to time. If you have an interesting story or you have heard of a new artist who should be spotlighted let me know!!! You can always email me at I will try and get back to you!!