Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My name is Je'Tara and I am a college student. I love writing songs and poems so I created this blog to be able to post some of my writings. I will never put up an entire poem/song but I will put up snippets. I plan to start selling my songs so this is the perfect place to have people find out about me.I created this also because Myspace and Facebook are too complicated and when you write something on there it gets ignored because so much is going on. Everyone is putting out their music on there so I had to do something different. So this is my space. I will post vids of my music and me singing. Never know who is checking for new talent!! I will also put a little entertainment, music (of course) and news on here from time to time. If you have an interesting story or you have heard of a new artist who should be spotlighted let me know!!! You can always email me at jsu3129n@jsu.edu. I will try and get back to you!!

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